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 We are consultants for wellbeing
Looking to a new refreshed future for hugely increased wellbeing, delivering high staff retention, enhanced clinical outcomes, life experience, and healthy ageing at every age - for all. 

"A Refreshed Approach to Social Care,
and more widely for individuals, organisations and communities, creating evidence based support styles, care models and transformative approaches to environmental design. We aim to improve life at work, leisure, in care and everyday in the community for individuals, families, communities, customers, employees and organisation owners."

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Our evidence based approach
supports vulnerable individuals and communities to optimise wellbeing for themselves and their support teams. We implement proven care and environmental design models to save social care, clinical and private costs in both the short and long term, while generating hugely beneficial outcomes; including improved mood and increased productivity of the support team and people supported, alongside reduced staff turnover. 
Our approach optimally future proofs your buildings and enhances sustainability / profitability. We work with people and organisations in relation to dementia, autism, rehabilitation / transitional care, old age related conditions, loneliness, depression, nursing care, retirement, forensic, education to positively impact healthy ageing at every age across the breadth of a given community.

There are two elements to our service 
Service and Care Model | Design Model
Teams and Leadership | Built Environment

We work with clients as specialist Wellbeing / Social Care Consultants and Wellbeing Design Consultants across areas including:

Enhancing social and environmental accessibility to services and places.
We developing flexible, evidence based frameworks and strategies to create care / staff team and leadership / design models,
that rapidly increase wellbeing outcomes, accessibility, efficiency, productivity and enhanced lived experience. 
We transform social care and support into an exciting, appealing and aspirational experience for staff, residents and all people using the service in the wider community. 
We focus on an active, creative, inclusive model at every stage of service and environment development.

We do this through our new, award winning evidence based system that uniquely integrates care, support and environmental design models. We call these respectively: 

Chi™ Our system for developing staff Team + Leadership behaviours and skill-sets. Focuses on an evidence based approach that empowers delivery of the best possible wellbeing, active community culture and related acceleration of clinical health outcomes.

AriaDiCasa™ Our flexible design model for the built environment that like Chi™, takes into account evidence bases for enhancing and easing daily life experience for residents, service users and your team. Our model positively transforms efficiency, accessibility, confidence, identity development, person-hood and provides the optimal physical framework for the basis of a vibrant, inclusive and active community culture.

The purpose of our integrated model is to make everyday life uplifting, active and enriching, minimising stressors and maximising the proven causes of wellbeing, optimising the experience, for everyone, of environmental and social mastery at every possible opportunity. This does not cost more, it simply requires Teams and Leaders to be empowered with the clear evidence based systems and approaches to their work, routines and interactions that our models provide. 

The built environment is transformed to be fully supportive of all wellbeing assets; Enriching every individuals' active life experience and the total community experience. Choice focused, supportive of stress free navigation, the new building typology is a wholly integrated generator of the wellness, positivity and affective journeying in everyday life.

You can make it your own!

Our twin approach to positively revolutionising care and support. 
We want to put it in your hands. Whatever your sector:
Be it care, nursing, mental health, retirement, dementia, autism, social housing, social care and support, forensic, education or other.

Team Behaviors + Leadership | Built Environment

  • Strong evidence based approaches to powerfully enhance wellbeing and related health outcomes
  • Effective & positive safety assets & systems - building customer + team sense of purpose and belonging, a strong foundation for positive person-hood and an optimally active and meaningful life at every age.
  • Improving efficiency outcomes through transforming built environment models, team behaviours and leadership
  • Empowering owners, managers and staff teams - knowing what makes a difference and how.
  • Increasing staff retention - shared goals, strong team working and a rational evidence based approach to daily life and routines, creating a positive culture of shared known goals, with a choice of routes to delivery. The team feel their skill, and know that they are special and effective.
  • Inspiring volunteers, family and community: an inclusive culture and deeply positive brand identity that centres on an enriching active approach to daily life designed to be enjoyable and of benefit as widely as possible - fully inclusive and appealing to the wider community; while remaining fully accessible to the desired group/s being supported. 

We work with:

Organisations interested in positively transforming their services to be inspirational, active and creative, by using our evidence based support model. Our partners are those who wish to achieve enhanced wellbeing outcomes for their staff and customers, with all the proven clinical and productivity benefits this brings, alongside a keen interest in future proofing their business. 

People who wish to create the most efficient and effective services that express an inclusive, positive and fun image to the world. The resulting transformation in lived experience and building typology our model generates, acts as a catalyst for such an enhanced and refreshed image.

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Our Services:

Chi™Team + Leadership, Service + Care Model Consultancy

  • Consultant and Advisor Role: 
    For Organisation Leads - with flexible 'as needed' service offer.
  • Workshops Provision & follow up Advisory Role:
    Demonstrating evidence based approaches to leadership and team behaviours, care models and service provision as relevant to your company, to enhance wellbeing, positive lived experience outcomes, efficiency and productivity for you, your staff and your customers. 
  • Care Model Design & Development + follow up Advisory Role:
    Bespoke for your needs, with option for full support during implementation and staff + team leads preparation. 
  • Review of Existing Services / Care Model:
    With recommendations for positive change, plus optional support for implementation of changes.
  • Wellbeing related Consultancy and Advisory Role to Leaders:
    For organisations in any sector where leadership, staff team, customer wellbeing and related health is considered key.

AriaDiCasa™: Built Environment Consultancy: 

  • Specialist Consultants for Master Planning & Concept Design
        or other phases of a construction project as required.
  • Specialist Consultants for interior layout, interior design & redevelopment
        including advice and appraisals on fit out and decoration.
  • Review of Existing Buildings
        and Strategic Concept Design for re-development.
  • Workshops and Consultancy for Company Leads, Project Leads, Buildings Managers, Architects & Design Firms:
    Hugely advance your understanding of evidence based approaches to design for wellbeing and accessibility alongside environmental and social mastery. We will guide you to understand, from an evidence based perspective, how design impacts active community centred approaches to living well and impact upon staff teams' daily lived experience. 
    You will achieve thorough understanding of the complete model and evidence based framework specific to your needs and client group.

    We provide our clients with detailed support to generate rational, repeatable strategies that will advance their competitiveness in the market and effectiveness for their teams and customers in positive lived experience, wellbeing and related health and inclusivity outcomes.

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