Specialist Consultants for social & health care providers + organisations looking for evidence based approaches to achieving enhanced psycho-social & wellbeing outcomes, through changes to support model and environment.
- Consultancy for service & support model development & design, evidence based & outcomes focused approach to using proven wellbeing assets and working methodology.
- Consultancy for interior and exterior, design, extension, redevelopment and new build, evidence based & outcomes focused on human behaviors & positive psychology, sustainability & 'future proofing'.

Our ready branded Chi™ and AriaDiCasa™ approaches to service and environment development use support of optimal psychological and social wellness as the gateway to optimal biological wellness.
The two models together reduce clinical costs and improve clinical outcomes while creating longer term resilience and wellbeing assets accessible to the widest possible user groups, beneficial to your teams, staff retention and attracting volunteers too.

Evidence based, trainable, repeatable and recognisable lightweight models. Changing the culture, costs and outcomes of care.
A coherent & dynamic framework for integrated services. Re-writing the operating system for social care, community, residential, recovery & health care provision.

Curious, active, engaged. Championing healthy ageing for all at every age
inclusive community and support models for living well and as a healthy part of any community, helping equalise life & health opportunities for disability, dementia, autism, mental health, age associated pathologies, special needs, learning difficulties, residential, nursing and day support, as well as for improving every day life, potential, supporting personal, family, freindship and community resilience.

We are the most advanced consultants & catalyst for evidence based, outcomes focused, holistic change creation and management for social care, organisations and communities.
Working with organisations, community, healthcare services, day and residential care services to enhance proven wellbeing assets and outcomes, while reducing recognised stressors throughout a system and environment - positively and sustainably transforming service delivery style and environmental design. 

We manage and support the effective creation of integrated services. Delivering consultancy and training, we are able to re-develop service models, environmental design strategy and brand expression, positively transforming both observed and measurable outcomes, culture and attitudes around healthy ageing for all, at every age. 

Re-shaping services holistically, grounding them on a dynamic trainable, repeatable and recognisable framework centred on the evidence based causes of wellbeing and positive pychology. Making this effective throughout service delivery and environmental design, and so reducing long term bio-psycho-social health care costs, increasing mental capital and productivity. Our approach reduces proven causes of stress and anxiety while optimising the benefits of natural assets throughout a community, wider region and country.

Early on all target outcomes are identified, collated and appropriate instruments for proper recording and measurement are put in place.

We work, using evidence based wellbeing centred principles, to bring the entire concept of an organisation, its service, leadership, teams & environments into one effective and cohesive whole. Working seamlessly toward the same positive bio-psycho-social outcomes, each part of a service working to compliment the others, each part a catalyst, augmenting health outcomes for it's user groups as well as it's own team and surrounding communities in the widest possible sense. 

Psychological and Social wellness as the best gateway to biological wellness.

When we deliver consultancy, we encourage an entirely fresh look at the way a service exists within, and offers support to, it's local community. We believe that support services can be hubs of healthy ageing for all, at every age, for both physical and mental health. We believe that the investment made by individuals, communities and governments in such integrated organisations delivers the most value when those services become beacons in their communities, involving the maximum of local natural assets, and through both design and service style, offer a refreshed mindset, culture and vision for the meaning of wellness on a local and national level.

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- We re-invigorate leadership, environmental design, service provision, talent & talent retention, brand and design approach creating a coherent, wellbeing centred revolution within your organisation. 
- Our method is entirely focused on the proven causes of wellbeing and on measurable wellbeing outcomes for leadership, team members, service users and the wider community. Supporting you in creating an organisation people are proud to lead, proud to join and proud to have as part of their community.

We support service providers to create effective evidence based, outcomes focused, repeatable principles & strategies on which to base their model of provision.
Re-invigorating the foundations of an organisation and achieving model coherency through the three touchstones of Integrated Service Provision, Design Approach and Brand.

Offering full practical interior, exterior and architectural design support alongside workshops in design for wellbeing its principles and practice. Full support and coaching for leadership, HR and service teams in developing and delivering wellbeing centred service models, that are coherent throughout the organisation, brand and environments, with effective tools for measuring outcomes.

We will develop with your organisation a model of service and ethos that can be coached and continued in-house by your team after our full consultancy period has ended. We can support and manage the design of new services and environments, as well as the positive change and transformation of existing ones. 

Chi™ is our branded model for service design, development and coaching.

C represents 'creative freedom'. Wellness is desirable because of the freedom it brings, underlying freedom is the nature of creativity - every 'free' action requires creative thought, imagination and spirit. The right hand side of the brain is shown to lead on feelings, emotion, imagination, and creative activity, the keys to achieving sustainable causes of wellbeing for each of us as individuals throughout our lives. Crucial to identitiy development and coping with stress, developing relationships, making positive choices, taking action.

H represents 'humanity and habitat'. There are basic factors at play simply by the fact of being human in a habitat. The human brain, body and senses function along given spectrums, and are subject to needs, biases, syndromes, particular behaviors and symptoms. Understanding these and their relationship to varying styles of habitat is crucial. Habitat describes how the environments that surround us effect us directly, and that an environment is a relational phenomenon - we and it are co-responsive to each other.

I represents identity. We all as individuals are continually developing and changing our identity moment to moment, day to day, month to month. When we face challenges, sense of identity becomes critical. It is vital to understand the influences and processes of identity collapse, change and development as well as possible if we are to support people positively through challenging times, especially in relation to mental and physical health care. 

Chi as a word stems from the Chinese - it is the most important vital energy flowing through every living thing and person, good balanced flowing of chi brings about good health. It represents the interconnected energy of the inner spirit of all things in nature. It sums up the spirit and attitude we bring to developing services as consultants.

AriaDiCasa™ is our model for environment design, development and coaching. 

AriaDiCasa™ stems directly from our evidence base, our concept of Chi™ and integrated service design as well as co-design principles. It is a means of humanising and socialising environments to make them fun, enjoyable & easy to use, with a minimum of stress, anxiety & time wastage. The result is effective, positively recognisable and different design that embraces the services / lifestyle carried out there - every space is developed so that it is easy to discover what you are in search of and to make the purpose of the activity happening there explicit and a delight. Environments designed on this model are well integrated with their natural surroundings and local community.

'Aria di casa' as an expression stems from the Italian - it describes not home itself, for which they have no comparable word, but rather the 'scent' / 'idea' / 'sense of safety' / 'character' / 'mood' that makes up the sense of home, the confidence and comfort that a sense of home brings. That ease of socialising, choice making, and positive mood that comes with anywhere we get this sense of home, this 'aria di casa'. At Metamorphosen™ we have this expression - that environments form an 'Affective Theatre™' - they set the stage and options for positive and negative affect, mood, choice making and outlook, changing our perception of ourselves and the opportunities and/or services around us.

Taking design consultancy further... if you do not have your own preferred firm of architects, interior designers or other option for us to provide consultancy and workshops to, should our schedule be free, we are able to offer full architectural services via our own specialist firm, Architectonicuswww.architectonicus.co.uk / www.dementiaarchitects.co.uk

Psychological and Social wellness as the best gateway to optimal biological wellness.

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William & Roland McMorran, together have developed the evidence based, wellbeing centred and Human First™ principles that underpin the Metamorphosen specialist consultancy. Uniquely combining environmental design alongside service models to create entirely coherent, sustainable transformation of services. Putting outcomes for enhanced wellbeing, quality of life,  positive behaviours, reduced symptoms of depression, fun, and positive social interaction at the heart of any service and environment.

Between them they have direct experience of professional and family care-giving. Experience of activity leadership for children, adults and people living in residential, nursing care and dementia. Experience working with adults with severe learning and behavioural difficulties, bi-polar, depression, chronic pain, paraplegia, tetraplegia, psychosis, autism,  dementia and nursing care needs.

They have been speakers on the main-stage of UK National Dementia Congress and for Housing LIN West Midlands. This year they are invited as headline speakers to the 2018 Johannesburg 'Retirement Village Manager's Summit', and to make a presentation at Shropshire's 'Tech Severn' Event in July. 

Their work is underpinned by a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship, that took William around the world, viewing acclaimed environments for wellbeing, dementia, healthcare and recovery, as well as meeting key thinkers and researchers. 

The Fellowship compliments the strategies we have developed through extensive study of research documents covering the causes of wellbeing, enhancing staff retention, effects of different types of activity provision, peri-personal space, body schema, cognitive bias, sensory need, positive and negative affect, development of identity, positive psychology, positive choice making and factors related to positive management and experience of daytime and 24hr services... ... and much more...

To date we have been involved in ground breaking new projects, Good Brain Gang in Bristol, and The Ness Centre in Teignmouth. Consulting to different levels in each project on design and service model. We support our client's to achieve their goals in delivering services that will impact not just the positive wellbeing, quality of life and long term outlook of their members, their families and the team, but also the entire market place, cultural expectations and standards for support provision more widely.

We are deeply passionate about enhancing the whole future, concept and expectations around social care, health care and healthy ageing at every age, their associated support environments and what integrated services can do for people and communities as a whole. Our model is at the cutting edge of well studied, evidence based transformative change making for the entire concept and delivery of integrated healthcare, social care, residential, daytime, mental health and wider support services including for elder care and dementia. 

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