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Clients & General Projects

The clients who seek us out tend to be high aspiration, excited to offer the most competitive services, that are efficient and appealing - marketable through their effectiveness. 

They know that to achieve this a clear, positive, evidence based system that is flexible to their teams, workforce and surrounding built environment is needed. 

We provide that expert consultancy / workshops on built environment and/or staff team behaviors. We are able to steer with a short impact service, or through long term involvement, your organisation toward making more effective, evidence based design choices in behavioral or environmental model. We can project manage a building project of you - working directly with your architect or design team to gain the outcomes you need.

Some of our clients:

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  • Worcester Association of Dementia Studies, Expert Working Group. General consultancy.
  • Atlas Respite & Therapy, Activity Centre, accessible to people living with a Dementia. Internal re-development, interior design & general consultancy.
  • Surrey & Boarders Partnership NHS Trust & University of Surrey, Grand Challenge Collaborator on Healthy Ageing. General consultancy.
  • Silver Crest Care, internal re-development, Interior Design & extension. Architectural & Design Services.
  • Heritage Manor Care Group, new build planning consent on complex site, extension, interior design & redevelopment to existing buildings. Architectural services, interior design and design specific consultancy.
  • South Shropshire District Council. General Design & Interior Design Consultancy + Workshop.
  • Pershore No. 8 Community Arts Centre. Full architectural services.
  • Whitbourne Village Shop & Allotments. Full architectural Services.
  • Macc Care. Master Planning & Design Consultancy
  • Oak Lodge, Ireland. Master Planning & Design Consultancy
  • Good Brain Gang Pilot Project. Activity Centre accessible for people living with dementia. Full design & Care model consultancy and workshops, project  management & day to day support.
  • Dynamic Autism Group. Design consultancy, project strategy & ongoing general consultancy.
  • Private Entrepreneur, China. Full design & care model consultancy + project strategy.
  • Private Entrepreneur, USA. Master planning & design consultancy.
  • Red & Yellow Care. Master planning & design consultancy.
  • Friends of The Elderly, planning consent in a conservation zone, plus Architectural services and project management.
  • The Smithy, Private Client, barn conversion, fully accessible for people living with paraplegia. Full architectural and interior design services.
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