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Metamorphosen Wellness – Speakers & Contributors

Invited specialist keynote Speakers at Conferences, we focus on advanced approaches to evidence based design for wellbeing.

We share advanced, outcomes first, thinking in the built environment and the behavioral / cultural / psycho-social environment.  

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We are active and positive contributors, supporting sectors passionate about wellbeing and evidence based approaches to the built and behavioral environment.

We contribute articles to online and print media, as well as publishing and releasing our own material.

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We meet with leading researchers, sometimes we head abroad to do this and sometimes, thinkers abroad head here to meet us...

A Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Traveling Fellowship supported William to visit acclaimed experts and environments of care and wellbeing in Australia, The Netherlands & Canada.

Sometimes it's not about traveling abroad, but meeting the people your work is aiming to support, and discussing our approach and thinking with them - making sure it checks out with those who need it most.

Keynote Speakers on evidence based wellbeing, design, architecture and care models.
We have been invited, as speakers, to:

  • Johannesburg Retirement Village Managers Summit, South Africa
  • Tech Severn Conference
  • Future of Care Conference
  • UK National Dementia  Congress (twice)
  • Housing LIN West Midlands Annual Conference
  • Dementia, Care & Nursing Homes Expo
  • NAIDEX Design Summit

We have contributed to the following online & print publications:

  •  UK Journal of Dementia Care, front cover & full length article
  • We are references for 'Dementia Care & Support, Norwich Innovations for The Future' Norwich University & Consolidated Charities document
  • Estate Living Online Magazine, interview and full length article
  • Reviewers for Alzheimer's Society 'Making Your Home Dementia Friendly Guide
  • Authors of the paper 'The Architecture of Care' Which is a review of William's Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Traveling Fellowship

We meet with experts by experience, leading researchers and specialists...

We have met with specialists in their fields such as Professor Sandra Black, Professor Rose-Marie Droes, Professor Dawn Brooker, Professor Ute Leonards, Professor Mary Marshal, Professor Satoshi Ishii, as well as leading professional experts such as  Mike Rungie, David Sheard, and many more, including key experts by experience groups, such as Young Dementia Herefordshire, and north London's Dynamic Autism Group. On top of this we have direct experience of front line work within the care industry, experience leading specialist activity sessions, and days, and also running services themselves.

Meeting specialist researchers gives additional insight and scope for discussion and debate regarding neuro-psychology, psycho-social support models, Neurology and dementia, dementia and design, care models and so much more. We are constantly working to be at the forefront of holistic approaches to evidence based environmental design for wellbeing that yields functional results for staff teams and/or user groups.

our expertise is unique.
Our expertise is unique. It combines in-depth knowledge about how appropriate building design and social behavioral models each dramatically improve wellness outcomes with the now vast and proven research into the psychology of optimising wellness.

award winning consultants, care design, best care models

Recognition in the sectors of care and architecture

Roland & William have been given many awards for their work: 

  • Build Magazine (Best Specialist Dementia Architects 2019 & 2020), 
  • Live Wire (Innovation & Excellence Dementia Care Architects of the Year 2020) 
  • The Dementia, Nursing and Care Homes Expo (Exceptional Contribution to Dementia Care, overall award winner 2018)
  • Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Traveling Fellowship (2017)
  • Across his architectural career William has been awarded an RIBA National Award, Regional Award, Green Apple Award, National Market Towns Award, Wood Awards and more for his work.
design for wellbeing, speakers on wellbeig, wellbeing keynote speakers, design for well being
well being consultant for care, management consultant


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