Chi model for enhacned wellbeing outcomes via the behavioural environment

Chi™ - for businesses and situations where staff and customer experience is critical to success.
Improved wellbeing and its proven outcomes via a new model for staff behaviours and culture.

We provide consultancy, courses and workshops to organisations passionate about productivity and wellbeing. Our evidence based approach touched a chord in the Nursing, residential and Dementia care sector, we have been awarded the top prize for Outstanding Contribution to Dementia Care at the national Dementia, Care and Nursing Homes Expo.

We make caring an exciting, aspirational and fun profession, full of sense of purpose. We empower staff teams and leaders with a direct understanding of how to influence wellbeing outcomes in themselves and their customers, while reducing the proven causes of stress. 

The Chi™ model is an evidence based toolkit, which generates a repeatable framework for outcomes focused moments, days and weeks. It allows you to focus upon specific issues in care, professional and other social environments, giving you and your teams the ability to analyse and select the right tools to make positive experiences the norm.

We place evidence based, life affirming, inclusive, person and relationship centred systems at the heart of a positively enriching wider professional and community experience.

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This approach allows for targeted optimal resolution of specific issues. Reducing challenging behaviors, enhancing positive social behaviors, efficiency and creativity.

The Chi™ model encompasses study of research from the following areas and more:

Causes of Wellbeing
Cognitive Bias
Positive Psychology
Body-Schema + Peri-Personal Space
Affect & Mood
the Senses & Sensory need
Way finding
Relationship Theory
Flow Theory
Social, Psychological and physical accessibility - inclusive spaces, places and activities.
Specific Studies of research into activity provision and quality of life for elder care, dementia, autistic spectrum, inter-generational, whole of life living and other specialist needs. 

In short, our evidence based model for reducing stress, enhancing wellbeing, care and support helps leaders and teams to understand and maximise the proven causes of wellbeing, positive identity formation, inclusivity and accessibility, while minimising and reducing known stressors.

We support Leaders and Teams to embrace their work as part of a thriving, active, positive community that lifts the spirit, engages a sense of personhood & creates positive identity.

A community experience where meaningful lives, wellbeing and all its proven clinical, economic and quality of life outcomes bloom.

With the Chi™ model, we work with you, creating evidence based systems, care and support models to achieve substantial outcomes:

For your team, management and leaders:

  1. Increase staff job satisfaction, productivity and sense of purpose
  2. Reduce staff stress and sick days
  3. Increase staff retention
  4. Reduced sense of burden for management. Enhanced team working results from clear understanding of the shared toolkit that results in the wellness of the people supported and teams they lead
  5. Control over a rational, clear, evidence based care model for management. Agreed methodology for identifying, fixing and improving service where issues arise over time.
  6. Reduce sense of burden for team, service users, family caregivers and friends
  7. Boost community engagement and volunteer numbers, through a meaningful, fun and purposeful approach to service provision. Clear roles and related outcomes create pride and sense of skill in the workforce
  8. Enhanced reputation of your company and service through new positive, exciting, evidence based language around the service offering.

For the people you work with and support:

  1. Reduce and prevent development of challenging behaviors. Reducing need for medications, reducing staff stress, improving lifestyle.
  2. Reduce signs and symptoms of depression
  3. Increase positive social behaviors
  4. Increase positive engagement with, and accelerate effectiveness of, clinical interventions 
  5. Create an inclusive, active community culture that is focused on inclusive and meaningful engagement, enjoying the present and able to benefit from a spirit of togetherness.
  6. An aspirational and positive expression of social care, relevant and beneficial community wide.
  7. Transform closed, in-active individuals back to their optimally sociable selves.
  8. For Dementia Care specifically - Reduce signs and symptoms of Dementia, slowing the advancement of these by an average of 50%.
  9. Increase retention of Activities of Daily Living
  10. Avert costly crisis situations 

Refresh the spirit of your organisation, bring an active community ethos and a rich understanding to your people and places - how to enhance wellbeing, reduce stressors and lift the spirit through evidence based approaches to daily life.
We will walk you through this process hand in hand.

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