Chi™ - Consultancy & Workshops.
Evidence based framework for care model, support teams and management. 
Enhancing wellbeing and its outcomes:
We make caring an exciting, aspirational and fun profession. 
We place life affirming social care and support at the heart of positive community experience.

Creativity and sense of Freedom

Human Nature & Human Habitat

Identity, Community and Belonging

We support Leaders and Teams to embrace their work as part of a thriving, active, positive community that lifts the spirit, engages a sense of personhood & creates positive identity.

We work to create a daily individual and community experience where meaningful lives, wellbeing and all its proven clinical, economic and quality of life benefits blossom.

With the Chi™ model, we work with you, creating evidence based systems, care and support models to achieve substantial outcomes:

For Team, Management & Leadership

For the people you support

We provide consultancy and workshops,
that give you ownership of the Chi™ framework, greater wellbeing and its outcomes for your leaders, team and the people you support.

Refresh the spirit of your organisation, bring an active community ethos and a rich understanding to your people and places - how to enhance wellbeing, reduce stressors and lift the spirit through daily experiences.
We will walk you through this process in the form of consultancy and workshops, with the support of our workbooks, giving a solid, lasting, evidence based framework for sustainable positive change, that is nonetheless flexible to match your team's skills, and the unique people they work with.

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