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evdence based dementia interior for wellbeing

Award winning consultants, and courses.
Leading in evidence based & outcomes focused approaches.
We enhance wellbeing, quality of life and efficiency. 

We do this through influencing 
the behavioural, cultural and physical environment. 

We advise, workshop and create:  providing courses and/or consultancy in evidence based, outcomes focused approaches to master planning and interior design, as well as model evidence based methods of management and staff team behaviors.

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Our model reduces long term costs, attracting the best staff and increasing staff retention through generating an enriching and supportive environment that yields best value for investment. The model delivers optimal efficiency and productivity through ensuring passive and/or active contact with well-being assets, supported by evidence based, human centred design.

By reducing proven stressors, in care settings this means reduced costly need for medications, more widely this means reduction in excessive negative symptoms, along with sick days, and issues such as migraine. The model also results in payment of positive behavioral dividends in clients, user groups and staff.

With a rational, evidence based model in place, repeatable outcomes are achievable.
Such outcomes can include reduced stress, enhanced wellbeing, enhanced positive social behaviors, reduction in symptoms of depression and reducing other negative symptoms for user groups and staff teams.

Through placing an evidence based, logical system at the root of built environment and team behaviour design, we provide a framework that your people can harness to achieve a boost in efficiency, staff retention and quality of life.

A stronger, more positive culture in leadership and services, beneficial built environments that give value for investment. Fewer sick days, improved morale and increased resultant productivity.

Our evidence based & outcomes focused, inclusive, approach to environmental design boosts well-being, reduces stress and enhances accessibility of spaces for the autistic spectrum, whole of life living, special needs more widely, dementia and for all of us in the neuro-typical spectrum.

Real accessibility, enhanced results... better working, living & creative experiences...

Effective spaces. 

Logical services. Uplifted teams.

Awards, Speaking Engagements & Publications

Engaging with our surrounding environment transforms how we think, feel and act...

The world around us is composed of physical and behavioral phenomena. 
They interact with our senses, our neurology & identity.

They affect our mood, emotions and sense of safety. 
They generate our choices, behaviors and habits.
Our internal language and sense of who we are is changed or reinforced, moment to moment, week to week, month to month.
We can, and should, stack the odds of positive outcomes in our favor.

wellbeing experts

We have spent years studying research into how wellbeing, stress, creativity, navigation and positive identity are influenced by the behavioral and physical environment. 

This has resulted in the development of flexible, repeatable and affordable frameworks that transform team culture, and give clear methodology to inform master planning and interior design.

wellbeing, care, design, dementia, autism, specialist care architects


"One of the most uplifting spaces I have visited"

Care Group Director - after visiting our project with Atlas Respite & Therapy

The result is happier, healthier & more efficient staff.
Customers richer in wellbeing, reduced in stress, improved in positive affective mood states that become associated with your brand and service.

Boosting positive social interactions, gaining the proven benefits of enhanced wellbeing, your team and customers flourish through a repeatable evidence based, holistic approach to their environment. 

We deliver courses and consultancy in optimal behaviors and routines for staff teams and leadership. We provide consultancy, advice and design services in the evidence based master planning, interior and exterior design of the built environment itself, for both new build and re-development.

wellbeing, care, design, dementia, autism, specialist care architects


"Where are my bags? I want to stay the night!"

"These are some of the best days of my life"

Customers comments - from our Pilot Project, Good Brain Gang, Activity Centre for people living with dementia in the community

Accessibility and inclusivity are as much about the mind, as they are about the body...

Evidence based Consultancy, Advice & Training for the:
Physical Environment
Behavioural / Cultural Environment

creative thinking | evidence based | outcomes focused

Safer Clients & Staff Teams
leads to...
Happier Clients & higher retention of Staff Teams

Infection control and resilience against pandemics such as corona virus as well as localised pathogen outbreaks.

This aspect of our evidence based approach is critically important for pandemic resilient dementia care design, nursing, residential care and other services who are interested in this. For Pandemics such as COVID-19, in dementia or nursing care for example, our cluster model is able to offer enhanced resilience to pandemics such as COVID 19 and stronger infection control of local outbreaks such as Norovirus.

Our design and architecture allows for zero cross contamination of pathogens from each cluster of residents and their support teams, to any other. The building model naturally creates sealable 'social bubbles', each self contained cluster having everything they require for high quality of life, maintenance of an optimal immune system (access to out-doors, exercise, meaningful activity and the ingredients of good wellbeing), regardless of quarantine from the rest of the building.

These healthy living hubs allow for a fractal approach to life, whereby the shrinking of accessible areas does not reduce the opportunity to engage in the full range of wellbeing assets required for optimal health.

We work with people and organisations in relation to dementia, autism, rehabilitation / transitional care, old age related conditions, loneliness, depression, nursing care, retirement, forensic, education and others to positively impact healthy ageing and optimal quality of life at every age across the breadth of a given community.

Enhanced productivity and long term savings go hand in hand with mental and physical health benefits - this is the win-win that our services are designed to deliver.

There are two main wings to our Evidence based Consultancy and Training services:

Cultural & Active Lifestyle / service / care Model transformation, 
working with Teams, Management & Leadership.
Delivering evidence based services consultancy and / or workshops as required.
Overall Design Model, Master Planning & Interior Design, 
working with Leadership, your existing Architect/s, Designer/s, or Managers. Delivering design, workshop and / or consultancy services as required.

wellbeing, care, design, dementia, autism, specialist care architects


"their wonderful, happy safe environment... ...a place of fun, stimulation, friendship"

"The environment is welcoming and airy with bright colours which makes it a happy and cheerful place..."

Quotes from Customer reviews - from our project with Atlas Respite & Therapy

Our flexible framework delivers meaningfully active, creative and inclusive environments. Using evidence based approaches that interact with the root of human sensory and psycho-social need.

Our award winning evidence based system, uniquely integrates services / care, support and environmental design models. We call these respectively: 

Our integrated model makes everyday life uplifting, active and enriching, minimising stressors and maximising the proven causes of wellbeing.

Our work enhances environmental and social mastery at every possible opportunity. This does not cost more, it simply requires Teams, Leaders and Designers to be empowered with the clear evidence based model, routines and interactions that our frameworks provide.

The built environment is transformed to be fully supportive of all wellbeing assets; Enriching every individuals' active life experience and the total community experience. Truly inclusive, choice focused, supportive of stress free navigation; the new building typology is a holistically integrated generator of the best of wellness, creativity, positivity and affective journeying in everyday life. The state of 'Flourishing' is recognised to enhance productivity, boost immune systems, lowering infection rates, extend life, increase resilience, support creativity, problem solving, coping and more...

It is about making it your own...

The strength of the evidence base we use, is that it is about harnessing the best qualities, and basic facts, inherent to being human.

Therefore it does not control those who engage with it, quite the opposite, it sets them free. The flexible framework we provide hands over the tools for individuals and groups to optimally engage with the things, within and outside of them, that help us all to live our best life.

We want to put the model in your hands. Whatever your sector, to enhance your workplace and services, helping to achieve the physical, psychological and financial benefits of 'flourishing wellbeing' in management, staff and customers:
Be it care, nursing, mental health, retirement, dementia, autistic spectrum, social housing, social care and support, forensic, education or other work or live arena.

Efficient and effective approaches to work and life, expressing an inclusive, positive, fun and attractive image to the world. Our model acts as a catalyst for enhancing and refreshing an organisation's services and their outcomes, giving a meaningful daily boost to the experiences of their team and customers.

wellbeing, care, design, dementia, autism, specialist care architects


"we enjoy every day in the smithy. It is such a great place to live... ... it easy to get around and in fact (my son) is getting more independent by the day... ...we are very happy living in your wonderful conversion"

Customer quote- Barn conversion for a client with tetraplegia. Services: master-planning, interior design and full architectural services.

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