There are anecdotes, opinions & hearsay...
and then there is the application of scientific fact and artistic skill.

Metamorphosen are Consultants who positively transform professional work environments and everyday life experiences.

We put science, observation and extensive study to practical purpose. 
We put the proven causes of wellness to work; for you, your business and your team.
We increase known wellbeing assets

We reduce the causes of stress 
The result is greater efficiency, happier and healthier customers, team and management.

We can explore three areas with our clients:
Built & Interior Environment
Social / Behavioral Environment
Management Environment

evdence based dementia interior for wellbeing

Awards, Speaking Engagements & Publications

Our surrounding environment transforms how we think, feel and act...
We can, and should, stack the odds of positive outcomes in our favor. The Knowledge exists to impact environmental and interior design, staff behaviours, and leadership styles, leading to; improved health, improved efficiency, increased staff retention, higher customer satisfaction, inclusivity and accessibility.

wellbeing experts

We have spent years studying research into how wellbeing, stress, creativity, orientation and positive identity are influenced by the behavioral and physical environment. 

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This has resulted in the development of a new form of consultancy and training that can have a transformational effect on team and management culture, as well as give clear methodology to inform master planning and interior design to positively boost wellbeing, quality of life and daily experiences.

wellbeing, care, design, dementia, autism, specialist care architects


"One of the most uplifting spaces I have visited"

Care Group Director - after visiting our project with Atlas Respite & Therapy

The result is happier, healthier & more efficient staff.
Customers richer in wellbeing, reduced in stress, improved in positive affective mood states that become associated with your brand and service.

Gaining the proven benefits of enhanced wellbeing, your team and customers  are nudged toward the beneficial state known as flourishing - improved coping, improved creativity, improved immune system, improved work and social outcomes.

We are able to deliver bespoke courses and consultancy that supports evidence based, optimal behaviors and routines for staff teams and leadership to achieve targeted results. We provide consultancy for, and training in, evidence based and outcomes focused approaches to master planning, interior and exterior design of the built environment, for live projects and also direct training to design and architecture firms.

wellbeing, care, design, dementia, autism, specialist care architects


"Where are my bags? I want to stay the night!"

"These are some of the best days of my life"

Customers comments - from our Pilot Project, Good Brain Gang, Activity Centre for people living with dementia in the community

Accessibility and inclusivity are as much about the mind, senses and identity as they are about the physical body...
We can help clients understand and put in place highly advanced approaches to forming truly inclusive environments.
For fun, for all, for work, or for groups with specialist needs such as; the autistic spectrum, dementia, educational, end of life, and specialised therapeutic environments.

Evidence based Consultancy & Knowledge sharing for the:
Physical Environment & Social Environment

creative thinking | evidence based | outcomes focused

Enhanced productivity, customer experience and long term savings go hand in hand with mental and physical health benefits 
- this is the win-win that our services are designed to deliver.

wellbeing, care, design, dementia, autism, specialist care architects


"their wonderful, happy safe environment... ...a place of fun, stimulation, friendship"

"The environment is welcoming and airy with bright colours which makes it a happy and cheerful place..."

Quotes from Customer reviews - from our project with Atlas Respite & Therapy

Our flexible framework delivers meaningfully active, creative and inclusive environments. Using evidence based approaches that  positively interact with the root of human sensory and psycho-social need.

Our award winning evidence based system, uniquely integrates services, management, and environmental design models. We call these respectively: 

It is about making it your own...

The strength of the evidence base we use, is that it is about harnessing the best qualities, and basic facts, inherent to being human.

Therefore it does not control those who engage with it, quite the opposite. The flexible framework we provide hands over the tools for individuals and groups to optimally engage with the things, within and outside of them, that help us all to live our best life.

We want to put the model in your hands. Whatever your sector, to enhance your workplace/otherplaces and/or services, helping to achieve the physical, psychological and financial benefits of 'flourishing wellbeing' in management, staff, customers, or just the people who pass by.

Efficient and effective approaches to work and life, expressing an inclusive, positive, fun and attractive image to the world. Our model gives a meaningful boost to the experiences of management, teams and customers.

wellbeing, care, design, dementia, autism, specialist care architects


"we enjoy every day in the smithy. It is such a great place to live... ... it easy to get around and in fact (my son) is getting more independent by the day... ...we are very happy living in your wonderful conversion"

Customer quote- Barn conversion for a client with tetraplegia. Services: master-planning, interior design and full architectural services.

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