AriaDiCasa™ - For building owners, developers, design firms and architects for whom optimal human function  and evidence based enhancement of wellbeing is key.

We can support outcomes focused master planning, building re-development and interior design. We guide and train you in enhancing wellbeing, way-finding, accessibility and quality of life, while reducing known causes of stress.

We can work alongside clients through consultancy or courses and workshops in design of environments for care and support. We work with sectors such as residential, elder, nursing and dementia care, as well as Autistic spectrum, inter-generational living and other specialist needs. Other types of organisation may be interested in boosting afective mood, productivity, creativity, coping and wellbeing, such as operators of medical, educational and other social building owners / developers / architects.

We can work directly with Architects, Care Organisations and others, collaborating to deliver evidence based  buildings and interiors, as well as supply courses and workshops, giving relevant training. Putting our evidence based and outcomes focused approach into your hands, for you to mould to your style and needs.

A feeling, an air... a sense of home

The AriaDiCasa™ model is borne from many areas of research which we have been studying over the course of several years. We have developed a framework for their practical application to the built environment. We study research in:

Proven causes of Wellbeing
Way-Finding & Navigation
Colour Research
Senses, Sensory Need & Sensory Design
Cognitive Bias
Peri-Personal Space & Body Schema
Positive Psychology
Advanced approaches to accessibility + inclusivity (Socially, Psychologically, Physically accessible and inclusive)
Flow Theory
Research documentation specific to design for Autistic Spectrum, design for Dementia and other specialist areas.
Healthy Cities
Inter-Generational living
Whole of life design
Relationship between nature and buildings

Field Study of acclaimed projects including site visits in Australia, Canada & The Netherlands.

AriaDiCasa™ -
The most advanced approach to buildings and places that support creativity, wellbeing, inclusivity and their respective positive outcomes.

These include enhanced productivity, coping, resilience and increased positive social behaviors, while reducing environmental causes of stress. Also, through design we can support optimal retention of activities of daily living, enhance concentration span and help prevent and reduce challenging behaviors and crisis.

dementia design, autism architect, accessible design consultant

New, positively associated building forms and interior experiences mean that your organisation and services are seen as leading in your sector. You are able to talk about your buildings and brand with  emotion and exciting language that expresses the evidence based and optimally supportive nature of your project and services. 

dementia accessible activity ad meeting center design

Our model is relevant to sectors such as social care, dementia, autism, nursing & clinical, forensic, rehabilitation, transitional care, daily life, office and education.  

Our Consultancy, is based on research into the physical, psychological and sensory experience alongside many other facets of the human condition. We have also visited or studied acclaimed projects across Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, Japan and elsewhere.

We provide Consultancy, Courses, Workshops and Advisory services to Designers, Architects, Company Directors, Project Leads, Buildings Managers and others.

Contact us to start a discussion and learn how we can be of benefit through Consultancy, Courses, Workshops and other assistance.

Whether an Architect, Designer, Project Lead or other... You will receive an enduring understanding, that will stay with you for years to come.

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