August 6

Care Futurology; cultural and purchasing changes, alongside a growing awareness of wellbeing means the care industry’s future is changing

We have been looking recently at the relationship between care and the hospitality sectors.

'Quality' living options for retirement and care have grown out of the hospitality industry in the form of traditional hotel and resort style accommodation - old age spent 'on holiday'.

However in the open hospitality market, this dominance is now being overturned - through the rise of new options never before available - AirB&B, Agrotourism, and the increasing primacy and accessibility of 'real' experiences provided by local people. The whole landscape and idea of 'holiday living' is changing. People now have a choice between the institutional 'old style hotel/resort' and the newly available feeling of being part of a real, engaged and meaningful every day life experience. New community models are arising and people are choosing them above the old model - to the point that the hotel industry is now in the process of entirely re-thinking the way in which 'hotels' are designed and function - so that their spaces and teams are more flexible, responsive, active, interesting and engaging.

We are seeing, in the hospitality market, the rise and beginnings of the victory of 'real' experiences, and of people choosing to be part of an engaged, community living experience above and beyond the, increasingly perceived as 'stale', offer of traditional hotels and resorts. Even business trip accommodation is changing along these lines, with the rise of Co-Worker spaces and lodgings that follow the experience based model.

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As we see such changes rapidly taking hold of the holiday market and the new recreational behaviors and aspirations of populations - so those aspirations will be reflected in future care, support and retirement choices.

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We are encouraging our clients in the retirement, care, nursing home, day care and support sectors, that they must get ahead of the game and create the future of aspirational, engaged, community experience based living now.

The whole market is going to turn on its head. Only those who are ahead will reap the rewards.

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Companies cannot continue to base their care and retirement systems, environments and community on a model that is failing in the real world holiday market. Going into care must not be the experience of yesterday's bad, out-dated holiday. Rather it must match up with, not only the latest and most advanced evidence based approaches to supporting wellbeing and its outcomes, but also be an aspirational jump into a known and loved active community world of shared experience and meaningful life as part of an engaged community.

Look at the real world market - this IS what is happening.

If you are interested in learning more about active community centred, evidence based approaches to environmental design, support and care model or management and leadership, please do get in touch.

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