After delivering 3 presentations and a grilling from the Judges, we won the Exceptional Contribution to Dementia Care award. 

Our specialist work in evidence based approaches to developing active living models for care to enhance wellbeing and its outcomes alongside advanced approaches to inclusive, truly supportive design attracted a lot of attention - including that of the judges.

The Metamorphosen care & support model (Chi™) alongside our framework for evidence based environmental design (AriaDiCasa™) are being transformed into a workbook that supports our consultancy to clients, such as care architects, design firms, care home owners, Heads of Activity, Wellbeing and Lifestyle, to ensure they can take the models forward as their own. This means it is easier for you to sustainably support your work to create the very best experience for staff teams and clients - from the perspective of an evidence based and outcomes focused  flexible framework that we are able to help you harness for the needs of your team and the people you support.

Read this great article in the magazine Care Home Professional that summarises our services:

Specialist consultants Architectonicus Metamorphosen has scooped a major dementia care award...

...Architectonicus Metamorphosen has developed a revolutionary new model for the care of vulnerable people, particularly those living with a dementia, which uniquely integrates a highly evidence based human-first approach to well-being centred activity with a building and interior designed specifically to support each individual...

...Due to the design and support model’s evidence base it is trainable, repeatable and recognisable.

Co-Director Roland McMorran said: “We very much see that there is enormous scope for a complete transformation in attitudes to care and support.”

Through the model’s re-invigorating and recognisable principles Roland said that there was scope for it to become a normal and refreshing part of every community...

Care Home Professional magazine

Lee Peart

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Specialist Consultants Scoop Major Dementia Care Award


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Clients & General Projects
  • Will and Roland huge congratulations on all you are doing to make life easier for people with dementia and of course their families. This is amazing work. Huge pat on the back to you two. Cathy Fraser

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