August 21

Mind in Mind, the experience centred design philosophy

 Our surroundings change our lifestyle,
the way we feel, think, act

mind in mind design is about engaging to the fullest extent possible with the lived experience of the people who will ultimately inhabit and interact with a proposed environment.

It goes beyond superficial 'gimmick' style additions and the now standard finessing of interior design elements.
Mind in mind affects the underlying structural architecture and strategic arrangement of spaces themselves. The transition points between private and more public spaces. The psychological and functional impact of the journeys taken throughout the differing spaces that a building is composed from. How these spaces and their respective uses interact with one another and the land/cityscape setting.

What are the real issues at large for the commissioner of the building, it's proposed inhabitants and surrounding community? We work to get as close as possible to the real experiences of these individuals. In so doing we are led toward a design that satisfies and has longevity far beyond that of standard approaches to architecture.

We are not an 'egotecture' or 'powertecture' consultant. We focus
on our clients and the human experience to lead us toward design of real cultural, aesthetic and functional longevity.

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