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Seeing and experiencing
Seeing and experiencing the lack of serious evidence based, and outcomes focused approaches to the built and behavioral environment, and the needless damage that results, Roland and William took up action to change the sector.

huge implications for wider community life, learning and employment settings
For over 8 years Roland and William have been researching and studying in order to develop new evidence based approaches to models of architecture, interior and exterior environments. We have also developed outcomes focused frameworks for the behavioral/social environment, which themselves positively integrate with the new approach to the built environment. (Especially for those living with a dementia in a community or residential setting, and more widely for all vulnerabilities including autism, whole of life living and inter-generational needs. Our approach, being based on the fundamental drivers of human wellbeing, and reduction of core proven stressors, also has huge implications for wider community life, learning and employment settings). 

experience of front line care
Our inspiration comes from many sources, including family experience of 'care' - polio, autism, mental health and paraplegia. Experience of front line care of people living with complex needs, brain damage and acute autism. Delivery of activity and arts sessions for people living with dementia and other conditions in a residential setting and design of care buildings including for a national charity.

meaningful well-being assets and fulfilling daily activity, irrespective of the degree of ability/disability
Our models for architecture and social environment create a new way of combining built and social factors that offer immediate independent individual and social access to meaningful well-being assets and fulfilling daily activity, irrespective of the degree of ability/disability, while removing stressors, we free up cognitive resources, improving resilience, productivity and creativity. 

transformative for those who take part
Recently we carried out a pilot project in Bristol which was transformative for those who took part - both for the support staff and those they supported. A support community is currently using our model  as the basis of a highly successful new day support project in Devon, with plans for rapid expansion in the coming years.

substantial economies
Our model is not more expensive to build and creates substantial economies in running costs. These include low staff turnover/training costs due to enhanced staff working conditions and fulfillment. In the care and support setting, we can reduced drugs costs due to minimised expressed behaviours and symptoms of residents who are instead enabled to maximimise their abilities, and increased volunteer support, where relevant, due to positively inclusive community based daily lifestyle. 

our expertise is unique.
Our expertise is unique. It combines in-depth knowledge about how appropriate building design and social behavioral models each dramatically improve wellness outcomes with the now vast and proven research into the psychology of optimising wellness.

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Recognition in the sectors of care and architecture

Roland & William have been given multiple awards for their work: 

  • Build Magazine (Best Specialist Dementia Architects 2019 & 2020), 
  • Live Wire (Innovation & Excellence Dementia Care Architects of the Year 2020) 
  • The Dementia, Nursing and Care Homes Expo (Exceptional Contribution to Dementia Care, overall award winner 2018)
  • Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Traveling Fellowship (2017)
  • Across his architectural career William has been awarded an RIBA National Award, Regional Award, Green Apple Award, National Market Towns Award, Wood Awards and more for his work.

Further to this we have been invited as main-stage speakers to major conferences in the UK and abroad. Also we have contributed to a substantial number of  publications and articles. You can find out more about these on our Speakers & Articles page.

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