August 21

1. Empowering room design. The 5 point model, a specialist care design approach

 Imagine you have recently entered care. Your probability of depression is high, you are living with a dementia and possibly other co-morbidities. Perhaps your care organisation has little money for extra staff to assist you in re-builing your confidence and person hood.
However, in an Architectonicus designed environment your surroundings are constantly optimising your ability to re-establish well being and engage anew with the world around you.

From your bed or chair you have a direct view of your en-suite, right to the lavatory itself. This is important, as knowing where the W.C. is gives you confidence and a sense of safety to explore your surroundings. much incontinence (and consequent loss of confidence) is due simply to not knowing where the loo is or forgetting due to memory impairment. Clear direct visual and sensory reminders are so important.

You can also see, through a safe small window a meaningful view of the out-doors, you can peek out, but safely... know one can see you. It's about being able to take little steps at a time, depending on your own levels of confidence and sense of ownership of your personal space.

You can see an inviting bay window, that fills your room with natural light, a good, meaningful place to sit and enjoy the full view out.

Towards your room door into shared activity space, you have a little window too, you can see what is going on out there, who is about, maybe things look okay, maybe you will go out...

Just outside your room, you have a clearly defined space that is your own. It's full of your things, there is a safe place to sit there. So although you have left your room, its okay because you haven't left your personal space, and it will bee easy to find your way back. Now you can enjoy watching what is going on, or head out yourself and take part.

You may now be interested in our second 5 point model for activity and beyond. Supporting independence, orientation, real choice and person hood throughout the care environment.

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